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Summer 1999

Volume I Number 3


First Conference/AGM

Financial Travel Assistance

Member News

Get In Touch (outdated)

First Conference and Annual General Meeting

The first annual conference of the CSPP will be held on October 30, 1999 at the University of Guelph, Ontario, under the auspices of the annual congress of the Ontario Philosophical Society.  The Annual General Meeting of the Society will be held on the same day at the conclusion of the CSPP conference, with final voting for the Executive and announcements of the results followed by a meeting of those members of the Board who are able to attend.  Admission to the Conference is free to the public as well as members, while the Society business meeting will be open to all members.  Both sessions will be held in the same room on campus, to be announced.  Confirmation of the full agenda and times for presentations will soon be posted to all members when finalized, as will details on the forthcoming election period.  Provisionally included in the conference agenda, possibly to be  supplemented with additional presentations, are the following:  

Dr. Stephen Hare       “Pitfalls of Counselling for the Philosopher”

Dr. Jon Mills              “In Search of a Method: New Directions in Philosophical Counselling”

Dr. Mark Letteri        “Thinking, Philosophical Counseling, and the Purity of Philosophical Method”

Hakam Al-Shawi       Reply to Mills and Letteri


Financial Travel Assistance to Members

 CSPP members who wish to attend the conference but who live outside the province and who have difficulty meeting expenses for the trip may apply to receive limited financial support towards the cost of their travel, to be paid from CSPP general revenues.  The Executive will adjudicate applications.  Please submit by mail your application for assistance, including a letter of explanation, postmarked no later than August 21.  The application should be addressed to the Secretary, Hakam Al-Shawi, #915-15 Vicora Linkway, Don Mills, Ont. M3C 1A8.


Member News

At the invitation of Richard Jones, Dr. Peter Raabe now authors a regular monthly column on philosophical counselling for the on-line Philosophy News Service.  The text of Raabe’s first item written for the News Service is available at:

Jon Mills, Psy. D., Ph.D. has opened a private practice in philosophical counselling in Toronto and is looking to see if other members are interested in starting a consortium in the Toronto area that would provide a variety of philosophical services to the general public.  For those interested, Mills invites inquiries at (416) 488-2682 or at  Mills’ paper, “Ethical Considerations and Training Recommendations for Philosophical Counselling,” has been accepted for publication in the International Journal of Applied Philosophy and will appear in the Fall 1999 issue.



Questions? Comments? Contact us!  You can also request Society documents or a membership form by writing:

Hakam Al-Shawi

Secretary, CSPP

915-15 Vicora Linkway

Don Mills, Ontario M3C 1A8

Tel. (416) 422-5433



 To join our online discussion group, send an email message which reads “subscribe CSPP-L” to the address  You can also contact the CSPP officer of your choice: 

 Stephen_Hare  (Interim President and Treasurer, Dr. Stephen Hare)

hakam@ (interim Vice-President and Secretary, Hakam Al-Shawi)

raabe@ (Dr. Peter Raabe, interim Board member)

bellon@ (Dr. Christina Bellon, interim Board member)



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