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What is philosophical counselling?

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One of the primary philosophical practices supported by CSPP is philosophical counselling. This statement is by CSPP Board member Dr. Wanda Dawe,  an APPA certified philosophical counsellor. It represents her work and views and not adopted policy of CSPP. We appreciate her allowing us to reproduce it here.

Dawe Counselling Services

Therapy for the soul.

Philosophical Counselling is a psychotherapy that offers an entirely new approach to life's relatively common and often most difficult problem.

Through a series of dialogues, Philosophical Counselling helps clients to come to an awareness of hidden biases, unspoken assumptions, and conflicting values that may be preventing an inquiry into alternative perspectives that could help ease the probelm(s).

A Philosophical Counsellor is concerned with both the mitigation of problems and their prevention. A such, she is both counsellor and teacher, helping clients to think clearly about the issue at hand, while at the same time given clients the tools that will improve their thinking and hence feelings, emotions, reaction and behaviours in the future.

Practice Orientation

As a Philosophical Counsellor, I understand that most individuals live by their many unexamined (rather than unconscious) assumptions and values that can affect thinking and behaviour in puzzling and distressing ways. I also see a persona's thinking as being informed by childhood experiences, but not determined by them.

My approach to counselling is client centred, combining philosophical insights with techniques widely in use today in Behavioural Therapy and in Rational-Emotive and other Cognitive based therapies. 

  • Individual Counselling

  • Marriage and Relationships

  • Evaluation/Assessment

  • Family Counselling

  • Group Facilitation

  • Addiction, Trauma, Bereavement, Violence and Abuse issues

  • Low Self esteem, Depression , Phobia and Anxiety disorders

  • Business, Professional and Institutional Ethics



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