Canadian Society for Philosophical Practice
Société Canadienne pour la Pratique Philosophique

Founding Mission

The founding mission statement dating from June, 1998, is as follows:

Founding members:

Hakam Al-Shawi

Christina Bellon

Andrew Brook

Stephen Hare

David Jopling


(These people were present at the May 28, 1998 meeting that initiated the society. Original board members can be determined by consulting our newsletters on this site.)





“The goal of the Society is to develop and promote philosophical practices for the benefit of the general public.  By 'philosophical practice,' the Society understands activities such as personal philosophical counseling, mediation of public philosophical dialogues, the writing (including scholarly writing) and publication of material on these subjects, research and collaboration among practitioners, and various other possible related activities that also employ philosophy broadly conceived to ameliorate and enrich the human condition.  The Society also welcomes the supportive input of psychologically trained therapists, social workers and other practitioners with expertise in areas other than philosophy who share an interest in the philosophical dimensions of human well-being.  The Society also aims to foster good quality in philosophical practices by establishing ethical standards and supporting measures to enhance the competence and skill of practitioners.”


Canadian Society for Philosophical Practice

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