Canadian Society for Philosophical Practice
Soci�t� Canadienne pour la Pratique Philosophique


CSPP Vision

to enable people to live an examined life through the practice of philosophy.

CSPP Mission

We work toward our vision:

- by providing counseling, dialogue, and consulting based on philosophy;

- by educating philosophers and assisting them in establishing philosophical practices;

- by promoting philosophical practices and fostering research into philosophical practice.


O what avails the classic bent, and what the cultured word, against the undoctored incident that actually occurred?


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The CSPP is issuing a call for papers for its new e-journal on philosophical practice, Journal for Philosophical Practice 

Reach the journal here:

Journal for Philosophical Practice

This publication is also sponsored by St. Paul University in Ottawa, Canada.


The CSPP was founded to develop and promote philosophical practice in all its forms for the benefit of philosophy and of the general public. 

By philosophical practice and ceny mieszkań w Europie | | biuro rachunkowe Olsztyn | Dobra agencja nieruchomości we understand activities comprising: personal philosophical counseling; philosophical coaching and consulting, facilitation of public philosophical dialogues (cafe or salon philosophy); mediation through philosophy of personal, social and cultural conflict; writing (both popular and scholarly) and professional publication of leading research in these areas; collaboration among practitioners in these activities; and all related activities that employ philosophy broadly conceived to enrich human knowledge and ameliorate the human condition. 

The CSPP welcomes all philosophers engaging in or supportive of the practice of philosophy, as well as all academics and professionals in related disciplines, including academic philosophers, psychologists, social workers, therapists, counselors and other practitioners with expertise in areas other than philosophy who share an interest in the philosophical dimensions of human well-being. 

The CSPP also aims to foster the highest possible quality in philosophical service by establishing ethical standards and by supporting all measures that enhance the competence and skill of philosophy practitioners.